Best Men’s Shampoo for Dry Scalp and Dandruff (Sulfates free) in 2022

“You have snowflakes in your hair!”

“What are those white things on your coat?”

“Why are you always wearing a hat?”

All the above is just some of the annoying things men with a dry scalp or dandruff have to endure, especially during the winter season.

But what these same men should know is they aren’t alone.

A dry scalp and dandruff is more common thank you might think — The Washington Post reports that “According to experts, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million Americans have it, to a greater or lesser extent,” meaning around 1 in every 5 people deal with the pesky flakes on their head.

The Highest Fashion wants to help — so let’s dive into the 411 on what you can do if you are tired of these flakers!

What Shampoo is Good for Anti Dandruff

If you want the dandruff to stop forming on your scalp, regular men’s shampoo just won’t cut it. Shampoo that you have to use must — and we mean must — be sulfate-free.

Once more for your notice: people with dandruff should avoid sulfates at all costs.

Antifungal shampoos are also great ways to defeat this condition because some dandruff is an origin from a fungus called malassezia triggers dandruff.

According to Healthline, “this fungus normally lives on your scalp” and “causes skin cells to multiply more quickly than usual.”

Other causes for dandruff include:

  • Irritated scalp
  • Not showering/shampooing enough
  • Older age
  • Cold or dry air
  • Contact dermatitis (something that occurs when your scalp has a bad reaction to a certain shampoo, gel or hair product)

Other kinds of shampoo you should keep on your radar to ward off scalp flakes:

  • Shampoo with a tar-base
  • Shampoo with zinc pyrithione as an ingredient
  • Selenium or ketoconazole shampoos

If you want to try some at home remedies for itchy scalps and dandruff, check out this awesome video: