Best Men’s Sneakers For Wide Feet in 2024

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Shoes are supposed to be like a breath of fresh air, irrespective of whether you’re wearing them to work, to hang out with friends, or to the gym. Sneakers should be the comfiest of them all but for men with wide feet. Unfortunately, many men fall victim to bad shoe sizing, and can you blame them? Now this begs the question, what are the best men’s sneakers for wide feet.

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Many shoes always look good so it’s not surprising to find men wanting to get in them at all costs, even though the fit is far from perfect. They think that with time, it’ll expand to fit their feet but that hardly ever happens.

Your shoes should fit perfectly from the first time you try them on. The last thing you want is to damage your feet by forcing them into cramped housing in the name of wearing shoes.

It’s true that people with wide feet have more work to do than people with more common shoe sizes. However, choosing a pair of shoes that wraps your feet just right is not as difficult as many think. You can make a solid statement with your shoes, even if you’re just jogging in the area, without compromising your convenience. Check this article for outfit inspiration in 2024.

The Highest Fashion cares so we’ve decided to help pick out wide feet sneakers that you can easily dazzle in.

Best men's sneakers for wide feet
Best men’s sneakers for wide feet

What Is Considered Wide Feet?

What Is Considered Wide Feet?

Maybe you are asking “Why are my feet so wide?”. There are many men in the world today living with wide feet. Sadly, many of them tend to settle for the wrong shoe sizes that defeat the very essence of footwear – comfort.

Usually, having wide feet isn’t something to be worried about, but different things can cause it. Once you can determine what it is for you, the rest is easy.

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What Causes Wide Feet?

Many people are born with it. If you’ve had wide feet all your life, it’s simply because you were born with it. Finding shoes that have been tailored to fit feet like yours may be hard but there’s a bright side to it. Studies have shown that people born with wide feet tend to achieve balance easily and have great athletic abilities in activities such as swimming and running.

Another cause of wide feet is aging. As we all grow older, our feet tend to grow wider because of the loosening of ligaments and tendons in them. That’s why your dad and dear Uncle Roger most likely won’t wear the same shoe sizes as they did when they were your age. As you walk more, your feet inevitably become flatter and wider.

One reason for wide feet that everyone should pay attention to is wearing the wrong shoe size. Interestingly, people who already have wide feet keep making this very mistake. If you wear shoes that are too small and tight, the vessels in your feet don’t get enough space. This can tamper with blood flow there and cause your feet to swell and appear wider.

Beyond the discomfort that you may feel as a result of wearing small, tight shoes, you need to be concerned about the harm that they can cause to your body. Many foot deformities and other health concerns can stem from this single move.

How To Know If You Have Wide Feet

In determining how to tell if you have wide feet, you should realize that shoe sizes differ from one country to the other. That’s why a size 7 in the UK may not be the same as a size 10 in Asia.

How to Measure Wide Feet

You should also measure your feet based on both length and width. Many people get the length right, but the width, not so much, and it may create problems later. Also, having to deal with blisters and bunions even when you wear the right length can be a strong indication that you have wide feet.

To help you eliminate all doubt, here are five simple steps to help you know for sure if you have wide feet:

  1. Tape two pieces of plain white paper to the floor – one for your right leg and one for the left. Then, put on socks that you wear often.
  2. Place a foot on the paper and have a friend draw out its outline. They should ensure that they cover all edges, including your toes. Repeat this with the other foot on the second piece of paper.
  3. Using a measuring ruler or tape, measure the width of the widest part of the outline tracing of each foot. Don’t forget to hold the ruler or tape straight to get the right measurement.
  4. When you have gotten the measurement for each foot, subtract 1/8″ from the larger number and the answer that you get is your width.
  5. Finally, use a size chart to determine if you need wide shoes based on what you got. You can find the size chart for your country by simply looking it up on the internet.

Remember that sizing is different for men and women and that the country you’re checking matters too. Tick these boxes and you’re good to go.

What is Extra Wide in Men’s Shoes?

Shoe width sizes are a legit cause of concern for men, and it’s not hard to see why. More regular sizes can be the same length as a wide or extra-wide shoe, but the difference is pretty glaring. Men’s wide shoes are mostly about 1cm wider than regular-size shoes, while extra-wide shoes are 1cm wider than these wide shoes.

Moreover, wide shoes are designed to have more extended toe boxes to adequately house wide feet. They also make provision for a greater food depth than usual.

To determine what is extra wide in men’s shoes, you’ll have to look at different manufacturers. Shoe designers have their specifications for what is wide and what is extra-wide in shoe sizes. Hence, you’ll have to do some research on the website or reach out to a representative of the company for help.

Some shoe companies specify sizes using words like ‘Normal’, ‘Wide’, or ‘Extra Wide’; others use letters like A, B, E. We also have companies that use both letters and numbers, like 2A, 2E, etc. In that case, the number indicates the length while the letter indicates the width. To help you understand better, check out these sizing examples:

Types of Shoe Sizing

  • Extra Narrow – AA (pronounced as 2A)
  • Narrow – B
  • Average – D
  • Wide – EE (pronounced as 2E)
  • Extra Wide – EEEE (pronounced as 4E)
  • Extra Extra Wide – EEEEEE (pronounced as 6E)

As we’ve already said, the location is also key. The shoe size system in the US and Australia are as different as their accents. Even among brands that cater to men’s shoes only, you’re sure to find differences.

So, just to make sure that you don’t set yourself up for disappointment. It’s best to go to a store and try the shoes on for yourself. 

How Do You Get Shoes for Wide Feet?

Let’s be honest, many men don’t like shopping for shoes. If you’re a man with wide feet, it’s probably an even harder chore that you would rather not do. However, we all need good shoes that look amazing and fit suitably.

If you’ve stayed with us this far and have been able to measure what exactly your foot width is, it becomes easier. A good shoe brand knows that one size almost never fits all, especially the best men’s sneakers for wide feet. 

One helpful tip is to check out the shape of your foot and the shape of the shoe you have in mind. It is key because as a man with wide feet, the shape of your foot is different from the more common feet shapes. Ensure that the shoe matches your natural foot shape. If it doesn’t, that’s the first sign that that shoe has no place in your shoe rack.

Next, the shoe’s width and your foot’s width must be like soulmates – a match made in heaven. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the shoe is going to expand with time, then fit more snugly. We’ll admit that some shoe materials stretch more than others but you can’t bank on this. Making a good choice from the beginning is the right way to go.

You’ll know that a pair of shoes are the right size for your wide feet if when you wear them. The edges and bottom of your feet sit just right and are perfectly aligned with the shoe. If there are gaps, it’s too big. If it pinches, it’s too small. Keep it in mind that there’s a right one for you out there if you’ll look carefully.

What Are The Best Men’s Sneakers for Wide Feet?

Although we have already talked on another occasion about the best sneakers to wear with shorts, now we come to show you the best sneakers for people with wide feet.

Activities like jogging and running require dependable sneakers that can handle the strain of such activities. Even if it’s only to spice up a nice outfit for a casual day out, you still need the best sneakers for wide feet to help your feet stay relaxed.

Such sneakers must be made from high-quality materials to enhance their durability. They should obviously look good as well because that’s what would draw anyone to them in the first place. From the closure type to the kind of soles used, every part should be intricately designed to accommodate your feet well.

Just because we care and would like to simplify your life as much as possible, we’ve gone through the hard work of picking out some shoes that we believe define the best sneakers for wide feet. There are loads of wide shoes for men in the world but these sneakers stand out.

They’re all from manufacturers that have paid their dues and earned a spot among the best in the world. What’s more? They have looked upon men with wide feet like you and decided to grant you the blessings of beautiful and comfy shoes. Why wouldn’t anyone love them? 

Best Running Shoes for Men with Wide Feet

Running shoes are special. As you engage your feet with the ground, they act both as shock absorbers and propellers to keep you moving as you work to get in shape. And how can we forget the very vital perk that they have in making you look good, no matter how sweaty you are? Talk about a versatile running companion and you’ll be talking about a good running shoe.

Getting men’s extra wide running shoes that will.

Best Running Shoes for Men with Wide Feet

The Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe is one of such men’s extra wide running shoes. Created for movement and comfort, every athlete should have these for peak performance every day. If you’re a man who just loves to work it on a treadmill, in the neighborhood or at the gym, you need it too.

With its slip-on construction, textile upper, and combined cloud foam midsole and outsole, it is obvious that this shoe embodies ease and beauty. It was also designed with the OrthoLite Floor sock liner to keep your feet better protected. In addition, it comes in black, white, red, and grey variants.

Best 3 Men’s Sneakers For Wide Feet — Extra Wide Men’s Shoes for Swollen Feet

Three unique sneakers come in extra-wide sizes for men with less common foot shapes and sizes. They are The Adidas Originals Men’s X_Plr Fashion Sneakers. The NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers and The Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe.

Best Adidas for Wide Feet

adidas Originals Men's X_PLR Sneaker, Black/White/Black, 8

adidas Originals Men's X_PLR Sneaker, Black/White/Black, 8View in Amazon
  • Breathable knit uppers with soft textile lining
  • Webbing tape 3-Stripes; Nubuck heel
  • Enjoy the comfort and performance of OrthoLite sockliner; Speed lacing system with rubber stopper
  • Molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Main materials: Textile and synthetic upper / Textile lining / Rubber outsole

The Adidas Originals Men’s X_Plr Fashion Sneakers are super breathable, knit upper sneakers with soft textile lining. Built to warmly cushion your feet. The sneakers come in a speed lacing system with rubber stoppers to house your feet snuggly.

They are made in mélange knit material and feature an allover 3D diamond pattern to enhance breathability with 6 to 12-inch shaft height. The molded EVA midsole also enhances lightweight cushioning.

It comes in white, black, blue, grey, and patterned variants.

Best Nikes for Wide Feet

NIKE Unisex Sneakers Trainers, Black, White, 9 US Women

NIKE Unisex Sneakers Trainers, Black, White, 9 US WomenView in Amazon
  • Modern design for an elevated everyday look.
  • Really Comfortable.
  • Very good price/quality relation.

The NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers was named after the Japanese word for “simplicity.” The sleek design of this shoe makes it ideal for a super casual, yet sporty look. It is entirely synthetic with rubber sole and mesh style fabric for effortless maintenance.

Like every other Nike product, it is highly durable and able to accommodate a wide range of activities while keeping the feet secure.

If you’re concerned about the availability of different colours, you have no reason to worry as it is available in white, grey, red, olive, pink gaze, and multicolor variants.

Best Sketchers for Wide Feet

Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe, Black, 7

Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe, Black, 7View in Amazon
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Bungee lacing
  • Slip resistant
  • Relax Fit
  • Air-Cooled Memory foam comfort insole
  • Electrical Hazard

The Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe defines brilliance, comfort, and versatility in one product. This features a low top shaft height and bungee lace-up closure type with breathable mesh and memory foam insole. It is highly slip-resistant, making it one of the best sneakers for men’s wide feet, especially for high-energy activities.

It comes in black, burgundy, and charcoal variants.

Final Notes: Best Men’s Shoes for Wide Feet in 2024

A final tip for you here would be to get your feet measured from time to time. Shoe sizes tend to change as we grow older so don’t be caught slipping in this area. Else, you’ll be back to dealing with the same size problems that we’ve tried to help you overcome.

We know that wide feet matter and men who have them should be able to sport a casual outfit without crying about discomfort at the end of the day. You deserve to look suave too and now that you know some dope shoes that come in wide sizes, you’re only a step away from that.

Knowing that finding good wide shoes for men or the best men’s sneakers for wide feet can be very challenging, we hope that we’ve been able to simplify this process for you in some way.

At The Highest Fashion, our community of over one million men constantly look up to us for fashion advice and inspiration. We try to get around to everybody using our blog, magazine, and Instagram page. We’ve done this for well about six years now, leaving men in different countries of the world looking dapper all the time.

We really would love to see your wide feet adorned with any of our recommended sneakers. Make sure you tag us in your Instagram photos so other men can be rescued from the same wide feet dilemma that you have escaped. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for them!