7 Best Quality Polo Shirts in 2021

We all know about days when you don’t exactly feel like wearing a button-down shirt but a regular tee will not cut it either. At other times, you’re looking for a unique kind of fabric in which you can be at ease without having to do too much. The best quality polo shirts were made for these kinds of situations.

Polo shirts have suffered a bad rep over the years. They’ve been considered drab and thereby relegated to the older generation, among whom it was popular. Thankfully, the polo shirt has been making a comeback in recent years. More men have begun to recognize its versatility and it’s becoming a men’s wardrobe staple all over again.

With different colors and designs for you to choose from, the polo shirt can easily become your go-to wear for various situations. A chilled night at the bar, a relaxed spring day, or even a day at work are times when it can come in handy.

The Highest Fashion is all for giving men only the best fashion advice ever. Here, we’ll be doing just that by helping you select only the finest polo shirts to add to your wardrobe.

What Makes A Good Polo Shirt?

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Many things make a polo shirt stand out from the crowd. Choosing one that suits you specifically is another task that you should take seriously. This is what will determine what makes a good polo shirt for you. Even if it is one of the best quality polo shirts in town, you need one that is suited for you to achieve your style goal.

That said, here are three things that make a good polo shirt for you:

1. Sizing

With polo shirts, the sizing rule of a cloth fitting well without being too tight cannot be overemphasized. The aim of every piece of clothing should first be comfort and that applies here too. Your polo shirt shouldn’t look flabby, rather, it should accentuate your body frame just right.

Polo shirts come in long sleeves and short sleeves. The long-sleeved polo shirts pretty much follow the sleeve rules for your regular shirt. It should end just below your wrist. The short-sleeved one is trickier so you need to be careful there. The sleeve length should reach halfway between your shoulder and elbow or mid-bicep. It should also not be too loose.

The next thing you should consider is where the buttons reach. Irrespective of how many buttons your polo shirt has, it should not go lower than the top of your armpits. You’ll see how important this is when it’s unbuttoned.

2. Fabric

Polo shirts come in different kinds of fabrics. We have pique, double pique, jersey, and mix blend polos. Whatever your preference is, aim for convenience first. You don’t want a polo shirt that is too scratchy or uncomfortably heavy.

If you’re buying from a trusted brand, the quality of the fabric may not be something to worry about. Still, do your research on which fabric suits you best before you make a decision.

Does Polo Shirts Look Good?

This is a justifiable question, given how men have looked at polo shirts for a long time now. The simple answer is ‘Yes’! Polo shirts do look good. We already talked about what makes a good polo shirt and that’s something to pay attention to.

However, if you are still concerned about whether a polo shirt will look good on you, we’ve got you covered. Here are three polo shirt styles that we’re certain every man can easily pull off.

1. Polo Shirt With Shorts

For many men, the first thing that comes to their minds when they think of the polo shirt is shorts, and we get it. It’s such an effortlessly cool and fluid outfit, especially for hot weather. With the right shoes to finish the look, you can’t go wrong with this.

2 .Polo Shirt With Chinos

Another dapper polo shirt outfit is rocking the shirt with chinos. It makes a flawless semi-formal or smart casual outfit. With the polo shirt tucked into the pants and shoes like loafers or a white pair of sneakers, you’re good to go. If you still don’t know the advantages of owning olive pants, check our lastest guide.

3. Polo Short With Jeans

It was inevitable that we’d add this outfit here because a polo shirt and jeans make an iconic duo. It’s a simple, relaxed style that you can wear almost anywhere that permits a casual outfit. With the polo untucked, it gives you a breezy aura which is just what you should aim for.

4. Polo Short With Jeans

The best quality polo shirts have certain markers that every man should pay attention to. Some of these things may not be so easy to notice but that’s why we’re here. It makes us happy to see men making the right clothing and outfit choices, all the time.

How to Know a Quality Polo Shirt?

Some of the important parts that you should look at to ensure that you get a polo shirt of good quality are:

1. The Collar

The collar is one of the most outstanding features of a polo shirt. This feature is perhaps the single most important detail that defines the nature of this clothing. The collar is what gives a polo shirt any iota of formal vibes that you may get from it.

From experience with regular dress shirts, you should know that a soft collar is never a good idea. The edges of polo shirt collars tend to curl with time, and that’s never a good look.

To avoid that, go for a polo shirt with interlining, just like some shirts. It will help to maintain the collar shape for longer.

2. The Sleeves

Short sleeve polo shirts are the most popular polo shirt type. Long sleeve shirts are available too and both can look good. Although, there are specific details that differentiate them, they serve the same function as casual wear.

Your polo shirt’s sleeves should accommodate a good range of motion and be well-fitted to your arms. Of course, you should be comfortable in them too.

The Best Polo Shirts Brands in 2021 – Who Makes the Best Polo Shirts?

The brands that are creating timeless polo shirts today are quite many. One can tell from their outstanding choice of fabric and designs that excellence is all that they’re after.

Some of these premium polo shirts brands are:

1. Ralph Lauren Polo

Chances that the first polo shirt you ever wore was a Ralph Lauren polo are very high. Being the brand that gave greater prominence to the name ‘polo shirt’, they’ve stayed as one of the best brands.

You can get their high-quality polo shirts in different colors in most clothing stores in the world.

2. Lacoste

When you see the iconic alligator on a polo shirt, you’re looking at a Lacoste polo. They are a polo shirt pioneer brand, which you’ll find among athletes and at the workplace.

They’ve been in business for decades now, yet the quality of their fabric and their style has only improved through the years. You can rely on this brand to give you the perfect polo for a snazzy look.

3. Reiss

Reiss is a cool, innovative polo shirt brand that many men have grown to love. Their polos are smart and modern, yet classy, and with all the vintage vibes of traditional polos.

Some of their polo designs feature the replacement of buttons with zippers, a detail that men now appreciate. They also offer excellent designs and patterns for variety.

4. John Smedley

John Smedley has a long history of knitting the finest clothing for men and women. Their polo shirts also meet the standard of clothing that they have consistently produced over the years.

Their attention to detail is obvious in every polo shirt, from the fabric to the fit and style. This has made them the easiest choice for men’s wardrobe staples.

Best Quality Polo Shirts for Men in 2021 – Review

Having seen what you should look out for in the best quality polo shirts, the next thing to do is to take it a step further by getting some. There’s always an occasion where polo shirts will fit in. Yes, they’re that versatile. That’s why we believe that your wardrobe should never be found lacking them.

We’ve carefully selected some that we trust to be perfect for you. They come in different styles and some of them work better on certain occasions than others. Acknowledging this, we’ve selected the ones that are tailored to specific needs for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

Best Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Long sleeve polo shirts are also known as rugby polos. They’re obviously unique, compared to the traditional polo shirt which has short sleeves. The long sleeves primarily protect the elbow in sports, but they’re best for slightly cooler weather. Since they’re usually made from a slightly heavier fabric, they perform this function well.

These polo shirts with long sleeves also give a special style vibe since they’re not very common, especially with all their distinctive patterns and designs.

Check out the Kuyigo Long Sleeve Polo Shirts Casual Slim Fit Cotton Shirts to see exactly what we mean. It comes in a wide range of colors to suit the personal tastes of different men.

Best Lightweight Polo Shirts

Polo shirts become more popular during spring and in summer for different reasons. One of them is that they suit the casual tone of the season but a more important one is the weather.

When the temperature of the environment goes up a bit, your best bet is a polo shirt. Even then, you cannot just put on anyone that looks catchy to your eyes. A lightweight polo shirt is what you need. A polo shirt like this will be breathable and not inhibit your movement.

Under Armour Men’s Lightweight Polo easily does all this for you. Without sacrificing style, its sleek design and pique mesh fabric provides you with comfort and keeps your body cool all day.

Best Men’s Polos for Business Casual

Business casual outfits have become an accepted fashion trend worldwide since offices have grown more relaxed. Workers are allowed to dress down more, compared to the older sartorial privileges that have existed.

Although it seems like people can now dress as they like to work, there’s an unspoken rule on how far we can go. Many formal events give their dress codes as semi-formal or business casual. However, there are wandering eyes at these events looking to catch the next fashion slip up that will appear there.

If you don’t want that to be you, a simple outfit for you should involve a polo shirt. Specifically, try on PGA Polo Solid Hem. This classy product has rightly earned a spot among the best quality polo shirts of our day.

The fabric from which the Polo Curve Hem is made is custom-engineered and specifically tailored to work environments or even a quick lunch with friends. It is suitably light and designed to last long,

Best Men’s Polos for Work

The workplace demands that you be most comfortable to up your productivity game. Thus, work polo shirts should be lightweight and breathable. They should obviously be fashionable as well for an extra boost of confidence at work.

Color Block Polo Shirt by Perry Ellis embodies this excellently. It is well-suited for work, allowing a wide range of motions while staying sharp. It is also lightweight and treated to prevent laundry damage like shrinking and fading colors.

To give you more options, the polo shirt features both energetic and sober colors that won’t run off the fabric when you wash. It also boasts of an extended back that will maintain your outfit’s shine even when you’re seated.

Best Men’s Polos for Golf

Golf is one of the sports where polo shirts have become a sort of jersey, like uniform wear. This isn’t surprising because the sport is a classy one and so it demands a classy fit. Thankfully, polos are both athletic and stylish at the same time. Every golf player can now choose from a wide range of best quality polo shirts to play in while looking dapper.

Golf polo shirts fall under the category of shirts known as performance polo shirts. These shirts are so versatile, they can be worn on and off the golf course,

A good example is the Columbia Men’s Performance Polo. Every feature on this polo was designed with the sporty man in mind and men like that love it!

Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, the fabric makes it both flexible and durable. For an activity like golf, which requires clothing that will not stifle easy motion in any way, it is the best. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying are other performance-optimizing features that it has been designed with.

Since golfing is an outdoor activity, Under Armour designed it to do well in both hot and cold weather conditions. It even has an SPF 30 protection, a unique polo shirt feature.

Best Slim Fit Polo Shirt

The slim fit polo shirt is the perfect blend of a classic and modern look in one outfit for men. As you can imply from the name, it is a fitted polo shirt, unlike older ones. Even though it is fitted, it is not too tight, provided you get your right size. This is one thing that makes it stand out from others.

The Slim Fit Polo Shirt is one of the best quality polo shirts that are available in a slim fit. Its pique fabric gives it the regular polo texture but a closer look at its details shows that it is clearly modern. It flatters your body just right to give you a refined and polished look.

If you’re concerned about comfort, we’ve got you covered here. It is soft and gentle on your skin. It is also impressively breathable and accommodating of different motions.

If you’re looking for a slim fit polo from another brand, check out the Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Polo.

7 Best Quality Polo Shirts in 2021 : Final Notes

The right polo shirt is the ideal addition to your wardrobe if you’re aiming for more diverse clothing. If you’re still unsure about how to style polo shirts, we’re here for you.

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