How to cuff jeans like a pro – Level up your jeans!

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How to Cuff Jeans
How to Cuff Jeans

It’s a common fashion trick to cuff jeans. But why so? Because it allows you to switch up your look and highlight your shoe collection. When it comes to getting dressed, the easiest issues like how to cuff jeans, roll up jeans, and so on are frequently the most challenging to solve.

Today, at The Highest Fashion, we bring you everything you need to know to cuff your jeans in a way that looks great.

In principle, rolling, cuffing, tailoring, and stacking are all simple maneuvers to complete the task. Executing style moves, however, is frequently easier said than done. The truth is that, just as there are more alternatives for what kind of pants to wear today, there are also diverse ways to cuff your jeans properly, following the latest trends.

What does cuffing your jeans mean?

Most guys understand “cuffing your jeans” to mean rolling. A rolled hem is one that has had both ends twisted up. Never roll more than twice; otherwise, your legs would appear to have bagels on them. Aim for a 1.5-inch cuff; the important thing is to keep the first roll to under an inch.

For a casual look, make each roll slightly lopsided. Since there were just a few different lengths of jeans available before the 1960s, cuffing them was the standard appearance. This “in-between” design, which emphasizes your ankles more than hemming but less than stacks, works nicely on many body shapes.

  • It disrupts the transition from trousers to shoes. This can help balance your proportions if your legs are exceptionally long.
  • It accentuates your boot more. You can reveal elements that would otherwise be hidden while maintaining the appearance of long legs.
  • It reveals the interior of your jeans. When the inner lining contrasts with the wash of your denim, it might serve as a good focal point for your boots. You can also make sure that everyone is aware of your expensive denim choice if you are wearing it.
  • Cuffing is a simple method to trim the hems without having to take them to the tailor.

Are jeans cuffs in style in 2024?

Cuffed jeans are back in the fashion world in 2024. The simplest method to add a little detail to your everyday denim appearance is to just cuff your jeans. Despite having a slightly unfashionable reputation in the past, the look is making a comeback and appears chicer than ever.

You may do it with any of your pants, whether your goal is to show off your bright printed socks and adorable shoes or simply shorten them a little bit. Cuffed jeans can be worn in a variety of ways. Cuffed jeans are really unique and may be worn even to work when paired with more fashionable items.

What is it called when you fold the bottom of your jeans?

The fabric pieces that are rolled or twisted up at the ends of the legs are called cuffs. They may also be referred to as “turn-ups.” In order to keep the fabric from fraying, jeans include stitches at the bottom of the legs. This is known as the hemstitch. You can either get your jeans hemmed or you can cuff them if they are too long, and you want them shorter.

Not only is cuffing a useful way to shorten your jeans without cutting and sewing, but it also looks terrific. It’s also a fun method to give our worn-out raw denim jeans a unique touch despite their otherwise ordinary appearance. For many denim heads, folding, rolling up, or “cuffing” their jeans has become the standard method to wear them. It is thus useful to learn how to cuff jeans that are too long.

Why do people roll up their jeans?

  • It disrupts the transition from trousers to shoes. This can help balance your proportions if your legs are exceptionally long.
  • It accentuates your boot more. You can reveal elements that would otherwise be hidden while maintaining the appearance of long legs.
  • It reveals the interior of your jeans. When the inner lining contrasts with the wash of your denim, it might serve as a good focal point for your boots. You can also make sure that everyone is aware of your expensive denim choice if you are wearing it.
  • Cuffing is a simple method to trim the hems without having to take them to the tailor.

How to roll up jeans?  

The cuff complements men’s styles best when worn with looser-fitting jeans. Learning how to fold jeans at the bottom is one of the easiest and most versatile skills for men’s fashion. Nearly all denim varieties and weights work with a basic rolled cuff.

Steps for perfect roll-up jeans:

  • Pick out a pair of jeans and make the initial fold

Although there is some flexibility with this cuff, fold each of your jeans’ bottom legs inward by about an inch. Make certain that the fold is uniform all the way around the jean leg. Aim for a 2-inch first fold for men’s styles.

  • Fold a second time

Fold the bottom of your jeans again on both legs to create a doubled 1-inch cuff for men’s designs. Don’t stress about smoothing out the cuff because this fold doesn’t need to be perfect. To make the cuff appear bigger and fatter, think of gently pulling and plucking at it.

Make your second fold for men’s styles by tucking the hem of your jeans into your first fold. The inside of the first cuff should have a fold that entirely conceals the hemline of your jeans.

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How to cuff baggy jeans?

The best way to cuff baggy jeans is the mega cuff. Mega cuffs are tricky to style; they often demand a looser fit and rather hefty denim that will hold up.

Additionally, because it makes your legs appear shorter, it is not advised for shorter males.

This cuff is fairly similar to the single cuff, but it folds up nearly four inches rather than just an inch or two, making a more fashionable statement.

For a single cuff, you need to make sure:

  • Jeans should be rolled up approximately an inch.
  • If you like, you can leave the hem out or tuck it beneath the roll.

You should wear your favorite pair of jeans with a half cuff. This cuff is slouchy, imperfect, and not quite purposeful.

To achieve the perfect cuff:

  • Start by taking the bottom of the cuff and folding it up about four inches to create the appropriate half cuff.
  • To achieve the relaxed look associated with the half cuff, gather and pull at the bottom of the cuff. Dress up the style with chunky block heels or down with ballet flats.

Another way to fashion baggy jeans is the bunchy cuff style which is done as follows:

  • Pick out a pair of jeans

Pick out a pair of baggy jeans for a perfect look. To create a contrasting look of both sloppy and chic, these loose yet heavy jeans are typically matched with high fashion accessories like leather jackets.

  • Make a fold

Your jeans’ bottom legs should be folded up around 3 to 4 inches. The cuffing should then be pulled downward to give it a sloppier appearance. The cuff ought to have wrinkles and texture.

  • Complete the work

By scrunching and compressing the cuff with your hands, you can roughen the fold where the top hem of the cuff is folded down. This cuffing should have a messy appearance while still being folded.

How to Pinroll jeans?

Pin-rolled jeans are adaptable and go with many different looks, such as casual and smart-casual ones. In comparison to baggy jeans or wide cuffs, the roll’s taper offers a cleaner aspect, which can result in a more sharp and more modern appearance.

Consider pin rolling if you have a pair of jeans with a leg opening that complements some of your boots and shoes but not others. If you know how to pin roll your jeans, you can adjust the fit around the cuffs to go with any pair of shoes you own. Make it broader to fit desert boots, or make it tighter and wear sandals or espadrilles sockless in the summer.

To pin roll jeans, you should:

  • Put on your untouched jeans and stand up.
  • Pinch a piece of cloth along the inner seam of one leg at a time to make it appear as though the hem is tighter around your leg.
  • To create an overlap, fold the fabric that was pinched against your ankle.
  • Cuff and roll your jeans up by holding the overlapped cloth together by an inch or two.
  • To get the required hem height, roll them around one or two more times, but watch out for adding too much bulk.
  • Finally, smooth out any creases.

Chinos and jeans are the ideal types of pants to wear for pinrolling. A pin roll should not be worn with regular pants or a suit since they are too formal.

If you intend to pin roll your pants, there are also several cuts you should stay away from. It is recommended to use straight and slim-fit shapes because anything that is too wide or too skinny will not accomplish the intended look and will seem odd.

How to cuff jeans tight?

The Skinny Roll looks better with tighter-fitting jeans. Be sure to avoid wearing boots and sneakers with a broader cut, just like the Pinroll. Additionally, try to avoid using heavier fabrics because they don’t fold as neatly and have a tendency to bunch up.

For a tighter cuff, you must:

  • Make a narrow, tiny cuff by folding up just the hemmed seam at the bottom of your pant leg.
  • Once more, smooth out the fold before folding the cuff up.
  • Till the desired length is obtained, the previous step. Avoid converting your tight rolled jeans into underwear.

How to cuff wide-leg jeans?

  • Put your jeans on.
  • Take the fabric’s bottom edge and roll it up one inch high or however long you like.
  • Repeat on the opposite side, making sure it’s level.

It is similar to the smaller cuff, but with this one, you roll up the bottom hem and roughly one to two inches on each side. If you have a pair of jeans that are a little too long and drag on the ground, rolled jeans are the perfect fix. They will be ready to go after one cuff.

How to cuff skinny jeans?

The narrow cuff flatters fitted silhouettes the best since it gives the impression of a long, lean line. This one is simple to recall. Slim cuffs go seamlessly with skinny jeans.

To get the perfect look:

  • Start by folding the bottom of the cuff up about a half-inch to produce the ideal slim cuff.
  • Then raise the cuff one more time by a further half-inch.
  • The folded cuff should be snugly fitting and fall just above your ankle. Pair with heels or wedges for a silhouette that lengthens the legs.

The stack can be thought of as a substitute for cuffing. But only extremely thin or narrow pants can be worn with them. A stack is basically when your in-seam is two or three inches too short, and you bundle the fabric up around your ankle and calf.

Fabric rolls are stacked one on top of the other. Keep the stack aside for slim jeans with tiny leg openings. Or even better, black slim jeans. This outfit works well for late-night performances or bar hopping.

How to cuff straight-leg jeans?

Follow the instructions to cuff straight-leg jeans.

  • Put on your straight-leg jeans.
  • Grab the bottom of one leg and lift it up; stop when it reaches the desired location.
  • Make the cuff more streamlined so that it sits flat and has fewer creases.
  • To ensure that each leg is equal, repeat on the opposite side.

Many of these jeans have the cuffs stitched on and pre-cuffed, but some are so lengthy that you have to roll them yourself. Typically, you’ll discover that the cloth inside is a different shade, giving your garments a two-tone appearance when you roll them up. This design works best with denim that is stiffer and more structured so that the cuff doesn’t start to unroll.

How to roll jeans with boots?

How to roll jeans with boots
How to roll jeans with boots

You may simply achieve a sophisticated and polished style by wearing boots with rolled jeans, and it is also one of the best ways to cuff jeans. Make sure to choose the proper jeans and boots for your outfits for the best results.

For the desired look:

  • Roll up the hem of your jeans twice to make a narrow cuff

One of the simplest and most well-liked methods to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans is with cuffs. To make a double cuff, fold the hem over once, then twice.

The cuff should expose a thin strip of skin between the boot and the jeans, bringing the lower edge of each jean leg slightly over your ankle. Aim for a visible skin strip that is approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. A tiny bit of skin showing can lengthen the appearance of the leg line, but too much skin might form a big block that makes your leg appear shorter.

  • To give tight, narrow jeans a more daring appearance, cuff the hem once

Without showing too much skin, a single cuff can provide a dramatic block at the bottom of the denim. To create a cuff that is 1-2 inches (2.5-5.1 cm) wide, fold the hem up once.

Long-legged people should wear single cuffs. In order to prevent making your legs appear shorter if you have shorter legs, try to make the cuff smaller than 1 inch (2.5 cm).

  • For a concealed cuff, fold the hem of the jeans inside

To avoid the cuffed appearance, consider folding the hems inward rather than outward. Make sure there is around 1 inch (2.5 cm) of room between your jeans and your boots by tucking the hem of your pants inside the leg. For a discreet cuff, it’s best to just fold the jeans once. You can iron the fresh hem at the bottom of the pant leg to keep the fold in place all day.

  • Keep the hem from tucking into the boot

Although it may be alluring, tucking your jeans into the boots might actually make your legs appear shorter. When your jeans are tucked in, they may bunch up around your ankles, giving the impression that they are broad and untidy. Even thin jeans, which tend to be tighter than straight-leg or bootcut, fit in this way. You should cuff them to stop bunching even though they might fit into the tops of the boots.

How to roll jeans with sneakers

You can roll up your jeans in various ways and wear a beautiful pair of sneakers for the Modern style.

  • Pick out a pair of jeans

This casual cuff looks best on looser-fitting jeans in men’s fashion. This cuff would be appropriate on “slouchy” jeans as well as a loose, straight-legged pair of jeans. This cuff works with looser, longer, and heavier jeans.

  • Make the initial fold

Your jeans’ bottoms should be folded upward on both legs. This fold is typically roughly two inches wide for men’s outfits. This fold is typically thicker and 3-5 inches broad for men’s clothing.

  • Fold a second time

For men’s styles, a single large cuff is typically enough to get a broad cuff appearance.

You can re-cuff your jeans in the men’s style if you choose. Just keep in mind that since another large cuff will be situated quite high up your leg, the appearance might not be what you were going for.