+100 Men’s Summer Wear Outfits for 2024 – Latest Summer Fashion Trends

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Summer can be a fashion nightmare for many men, and a lot could go wrong. Simply imagine having to attend a meeting with layers of formal suits, or a tight-fitted shirt while out with your friends in the hot sun. 

+100 Men's Summer Wear Outfits for 2024 – Latest Summer Fashion Trends
+100 Men’s Summer Wear Outfits for 2024 – Latest Summer Fashion Trends

While polos, shorts, and topsiders are the go-to options for most men to beat the heat and keep the sweat rolling down the back away, we, at The Highest Fashion have curated the best summer fashion trends for men. 

After all, summer calls on for some fun and experiment! Make this summer your chance to get out of the preppy look and rock the summer fashion trends. Just follow our guide, and you’ll be all set!

Men’s summer fashion trends in 2024

Summer fashion is all about shorts, tees, and pants. So, let’s take a look at some of the best fashion trends of 2024, that will help you look uber cool!

Shorts for men’s summer wear

Available in a variety of types, shorts are a go-to piece of clothing during summers. 

  • Denim Shorts

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Denim shorts are back in fashion from the 1990s. They are generally baggy and longer and do go with every outfit. A quick tip from The Highest Fashion: If you decide to wear Denim shorts, then make sure that they are well-fitted and not too long.

Select medium or light wash denim shorts to look your best with the summer’s color palette.

  • Chino Shorts

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Chino shorts have taken a bold turn as the preppy style peaks the fashion renaissance in the past years. 

Pastels seem to be all the rage but diverge from a fratty look and change the colors in your wardrobe. Khaki is a safe choice but why play it safe? Add life to your wardrobe and get yourself some navy or black chino shorts.

  • Athletic Shorts

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Having to go to casual gatherings? A pair of athletic shorts will be an easy option for you. But don’t be under the impression that athletic shorts complement just the tees and tank tops. A loose-fitted shirt with these shorts can surely amp up your oomph factor!

Shirts/T-Shirts for Men’s Summer Wear

Summers call for some experiments as far as your fashion and style are concerned. Why stick to the basics when you can experiment? 

So, take a look at the variety of options, and select the one that defines your personality.

  • Polos

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Polos are quite a versatile piece of clothing. Pair it up with chino shorts or pants, and you are good to go.

While the polo and chino shorts combination gives you a more peppy and casual look, the polo and pants combination will impart a more suave look.

Save yourself the time of browsing through multiple sites, and check out these polos, deliberately selected by our styling experts.

  • Striped T-Shirt

Striped T-Shirts are saviors if you are experiencing a styling dilemma. Our personal favorite, the striped  T-shirt works great for every occasion. So, stock up on some tees for this summer and keep it light.

  • Florals

Florals are great if you want to experiment and stand apart from the usual crowd.

The trends of the 1970s have peaked in the last five years and there are no signs of it slowing down in 2024. Summer season calls for floral prints which are a lot more wearable than it sounds. 

Switch to vacation mode with the floral shirts keeping the rest of the outfit mute.

  • Light-colored shirts

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If you are going for button-ups, go for light-colored linen shirts. Plains shirts never go out of style but do indulge in some patterns. 

Keep it light and breezy.

Pants for men’s summer wear

Everything needs something great to pair it up with their tees. So, let’s look at the best pants that you can wear in the hot summer weather. And of course, keeping it stylish.

  • Light-colored pants

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It’s summer! Summer and pants don’t really scream comfort but you might find the need to put some jeans on for some situations. Put away your dark indigos and try out some lighter shades. Don’t limit yourself to Khakis; go wild.

Light blue jeans work best in summers. Having difficulty pairing your light blue jeans with a top? Simply check out our guide here.

What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans — Tips for Men.

What yo wear with light blue jeans? Gallery with multiple outfits with light blue jeans for inspiration. The definitive guide to style light blue jeans.

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  • Striped Pants

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Summer calls for cotton pants and if you can find striped ones, then you’re in for the trendiest fashion. Take a step towards the easy, casual style of striped pants this summer in light colors to make men’s everyday wear look cool.

Keep it safe by pairing a plain shirt with striped pants. But, if you are in some mood for an experiment, then the stripe-on stripe combination works well too!

  • Chino Pants

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The chino material is light in weight which makes it an ideal wear for the warm weather. Don’t be afraid of choosing bold colors. Gray, Blue, Olive, or any non-fluorescent color can be up for grabs.

If you still find yourself unimpressed by the Khaki color pants, this video will help you wear them in more stylish ways.

If you do not want to make bold color choices, then black is the safe choice.

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Footwear for men’s summer wear

Do you know what the fashion bloggers say? That the first thing a person notices about the attire is the footwear. And you really wouldn’t want to mess up in that.  

With a variety of options available, select the footwear that resonates the best with your attire, and more importantly, your personality.

  • Vans

Vans can go with just about any outfit and you can enjoy the laid-back warm weather in them. Keep the color of your Vans subtle this summer. White or black is always a great option and it almost goes with anything.

  • Sneakers

The right sneakers can add an amazing pop to any outfit. Black and white are again standard colors that go with every outfit but that doesn’t mean colorful sneakers don’t work.

  • Loafers

Loafers give a sleek and sophisticated look to your outfit but not too serious; you can pair it with a casual outfit as well. 

  • Slide Sandals

Though a bit of an unconventional choice, Summer without slides is not summer at all. They are comfy and go with everything. 

So, experiment a bit, and get a slide sandal for yourself!

Summer colors for men in 2024

In this detailed article we could not miss such an important issue as the choice of colors when combining clothes in summer.
Before you take our recommendation at face value, it is up to you to come to your own conclusion by trying different colors in summer.

The list of summer colors for men in 2024 is as follows:

  • Primary colors
  • Neutrals colors
  • Pastels colors
  • Mid tones
  • Deep/Bright colors

What men should wear this summer 2024?

It is no surprise that this summer is intended to be optimistic, which translates into bright colors. 

Leisurewear seems to precede fashion this year which means you can wear athletic clothes, extra-large pants, suits stripped of all formality, and pajamas and still look stunning.

Here are a few looks that look sophisticated and comfortable at the same time:

All Black Casual Summer Outfit

There’s no denying the power of black. This summer expects to see casual jeans with tucked-in t-shirts to create a poised statement. Pair it with silver jewelry and an elegant watch for a sophisticated look. 

Daytime Pajamas Summer for men

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Pajamas, command elegance this summer season. They are no longer meant to see the moonlight as they emerge into daywear pieces with a chic look. 

Pair it with loafers or sneakers and voila! You have a bohemian look.

Pastel summer outfit for men

Pastel has come back into fashion this season with variations from candy pink to lilac. The pastel outfit paired with a jeans jacket works just fine for a casual yet semi-formal look.

The Evergreen – Jeans Tee

Ripped jeans with a beanie t-shirt scream “edge” and “swagger” unlike anything else. The most basic look that will never go out of style is the jeans and t-shirt. Pair it with white sneakers and you have an elegant look.

What clothes do men wear in the summer?

Men generally prefer clothes made of lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Summer calls for a colorful wardrobe with lighter neutral hues. Comfortable outfits like shorts and sleeveless T-shirts are most preferred. 

Sliders make your outfit even more comfortable. 

How should a classy man dress in hot weather?

Comfort and class don’t usually go hand in hand but mix comfort with formal and you got a classy comfortable outfit for the summer season.

Preppy Casual summer outfit for men

Shorts are the most preferred in summers and they aren’t only for the beach. Pair it up with a plain shirt and loafers to be the man with the confidence to spare. 

Don’t forget to add accessories like shades, a watch, and a belt to complete your look.

How can men be stylish in summer?

Elevated Denim for summer

Grab your denim button-down lightweight of and pair it with Khaki chinos for the ultimate cool guy style. Roll up your sleeves and wear your loafers with this outfit to add style to the men’s summer fashion.

What is the best shirt to wear in hot weather?

The best shirt to wear in hot weather is a lightweight, breathable and short-sleeved shirt. If it is made of cotton, linen, or rayon then it is ideal for the summer season.

A shirt too tight is a complete no for the hot weather. We are in love with the below shirts for this hot weather:

Cuban Collar outfit for men

This chilled-out shirt has made its way to the summer staple outfits with its casual versatility. It is a perfect option for evening outings or holidays. Wear it with straight trousers and sneakers when the temperature rises.

Chambray outfit for men

Chambray is light and comfortable as compared to denim. Pair it with chinos of lighter shades for a fail-safe approach.

Do you wear jeans in the summer?

Don’t be afraid or fret about wearing your favorite pair of jeans in the hot weather. The Highest Fashion has a few tips and tricks to rock jeans despite the heat.

Loosely fitted crop jeans are perfect for warm weather and make you look stunning as well.

Pair your jeans with a plain shirt for a semi-formal look and wear it with a t-shirt for a more casual look. 

Are chinos good for summer?

The light weight and style of chinos make it a summer staple for men. With a couple of pairs of chinos in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready for any occasion this summer while staying comfortable and cool.

Lightweight Stretch Chino Pants

Chino pants will be a welcome addition to your summer collection. Pair it with a plain white shirt and you have a gentleman look. For a more casual look, wear chino shorts. 

For a safe option, buy the khaki chino pants. They go well with every shirt/t-shirt. For more stylish ideas to wear Khaki chinos, check this article.

How do you style a summer dress?

These are some tips to style a summer dress

  • Light-colored clothes
  • Opt for loose sleeves or a sleeveless outfit
  • Keep room for breathing by wearing oversized shirts
  • Choose light fabrics like cotton or linen
  • Wear open-toe footwear
  • MinimizeLight-colored accessories

Men’s formal summer wear

Summer asks for lighter tones even if it is formal wear. There aren’t many alternatives when it comes to office or formal wear. 

A light pastel-colored shirt with a cotton blazer can make you look stunning. Add a vibrant pocket square to your outfit to make it look highly fashionable.

Men’s casual summer wear in 2024

There are a plethora of options for men’s summer casual wear. Here are our top picks:

Unbuttoned Shirt and Pants

Try wearing an open shirt over a plain t-shirt with chinos and suede loafers for a rocking casual look. The relaxed tone of each piece makes it an ideal outfit for men’s summer fashion.

Casual Low Contrast  

Grab a t-shirt and shorts of similar hues and pair them with sneakers to make perfect hot summer wear. The low contrast between the hues makes this outfit pleasing to the eye.

Summer Stripes

It is important to wear light layers in summer. A striped shirt with a cotton jacket is a staple summer outfit for men. Pair it with chinos and sneakers to get the complete casual summer look.

Business casual men summer

Formal business attire may seem a bit too much in the summers. But, professionalism must be followed. These are some ways to beat the heat while maintaining the formal code:

  • Wearing light colors and fabrics like cotton or linen
  • Try sleeveless under the blazer
  • Don’t go completely formal. Wear just a light-colored shirt with chinos

Summer Business Casual

Dress up with a shirt/t-shirt tucked into light-wash jeans or chino pants and add a summer blazer for a sophisticated business look.

Colorful Business Casual for men

Casual does not mean that you can’t wear shirts. Get a colorful button-down with lightweight chinos to elevate your business look without making you sweat. 

Men’s smart summer wear in 2024

Men’s smart summer wear is very tricky. You can look too casual or the styling can completely go a bit overboard. Here are a few smart looks for different situations:

Summer Fridays smart outfit for men

Summer Fridays are back as we come out of months of Covid-19 restrictions and are looking for any reason to dress up. 

Smart casual looks for summer include blazers that aren’t too formal and have relaxed elements. Light-colored shirts and jeans go well with this overall.

Chic City Look

It takes only one fabulous shirt to make a chic summer outfit. Pair it with light-colored shorts to beat the heat. 

Want to pull off a stunning summer outfit? Just add accessories like shades, a few pieces of jewelry, and designer sneakers to complete your look.

By The Pool Look

Summers and pools go hand in hand. So, a smart pool look is a must-have.

The Poolside look calls for a vibrant swim trunk and an eye-catching shirt/t-shirt. Let the patterns of the top and bottom complement each other rather than clash. 

Add a hat and a pair of white sneakers to make it an amazing poolside outfit.

Summer Wedding Look

Confused about what to wear to your friend’s summer wedding? We’ve got you covered.

Swap the dark suit with a refreshing blue suit with a light-colored shirt and white chinos. Add well-crafted shoes and sunglasses for an effortless prep.

Men’s urban summer wear in 2024

Men’s urban summer wear comprises shorts, fitted shirts/t-shirts, and sneakers. There’s a thin line between looking like a hobo and looking cool. 

Keep it simple with light-colored t-shirts and ripped shorts. Add accessories like sunglasses and a watch to make it look cool.

Men’s summer wear outfits at Pinterest

If you are looking out for more options or styling tips, then take a look at our Pinterest board below.

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It has a lot of cool combinations for men’s summer fashion. Select from a wide variety of combinations for the men’s summer wear, and you are guaranteed to stand apart from the crowd!