What to Wear With Olive Green Pants — Men, This is the PSA You’ve Been Waiting For

What to wear with men’s olive green pants

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When you’re little and everyone is asking you what sounds barn animals make or how old you are turning, the answers are always so simple.

A cow goes “Moo” and you’re five and a half.

And when everyone asks you what color the sky is, or the grass is, you know the answers are blue, green.

But getting older means answers aren’t always so simple. And neither are the questions, for that matter.

Like, for example, colors have shades— and some pair better with certain clothes than others. There’s sky blue, navy blue, baby blue— and there’s pea green, lime green and olive green.

And perhaps the complicated question of the day is… what to wear with olive green pants?

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Why Every Man Should Have a Pair of Olive Green Pants in His Closet

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Perhaps you clicked on this article wondering what you can possibly do with the olive green pants in your closet, OR you found yourself clicking on the title, thinking, “Hmmm…. olive green pants? Tell me more.”

So, this is The Highest Fashion telling you more.

The research is all there rallying behind the color of olive green, especially when it comes to men who want to dress well and show the world their quiet confidence, their arresting but soothing masculinity.

Men’s Health actually released an article three years ago defining what items in your closet can be infused with olive green, given the color’s ability to add “more personality to an outfit than black or brown.”

Moreover, Very Well Mind found research that darker greens are able to hone in a relaxing quality no other color does— actors often sit in what they call “green rooms” before going on stage in order to clear the mind.

Green’s appeasing nature allows it to manifest in positive qualities like optimism, growth, elegance and yes, this has everything to do with wearing a pair of pants that evoke this very energy.

If you have an exciting date coming up, or will be speaking at an important meeting, conference or networking event — if you want to show understatement yet simple style at a dinner or casual BBQ— wearing a color that psychologically soothes those around you can be powerful.

So, let it be clearly said— with olive green pants, the world is your oyster to seize.

Before Digging Into What to Wear With Olive Green Pants — What Are They?

You may not have thought about it too much in the past, but like the different shades of colors that exist, different types of pants exist too.

If you are still wondering whether olive green pants are the fashion for you, or if you have a pair but are wondering what you can do to make them truly pop, you have come to the right place.

Depending on your body shape and size, certain kinds of pants will accentuate your body differently and express a different kind of look.

The different olive green pant types you should know include:

  • Chinos: cotton styled dressy pants that are business casual
  • Cargo: loose-fitting casual pants with large pockets
  • Khakis: Pants slightly more casual than chinos
  • Trousers/Slacks: Any pants held up by elastic, buttons, a belt or suspenders
  • Joggers: Pants made for sport
  • Jeans: Pants made of jean material loose-fitting or form-fitting

As we move along, we will disclose which shirts, accessories and outer layers go best with which kind of olive green pant.

How Do Men Wear Olive Green Pants? How to Style Olive Green Pants?

Moreover, understanding which kind of pant form suits your body best is essential to personally own a style that doesn’t impede your fashion sense but bolster it.

If you’re on the shorter side, for example, be sure to get pants of the following:

  • Don’t have too many creases/folds on the bottom pant
  • High-waist or medium-waist
  • Tighter fit
  • Smaller pockets
  • Low crotch

Do you already own the olive green pants of your dreams but don’t quite fit in them right?

Check out this video on how to make any pants the pants for you: